About Us

In KiddoMood we support creative kids!

What is KiddoMood?

KiddoMood is the mindset that anything is possible through play. Children learn by playing, exploring, creating, and imagining. As adults, we can facilitate their curiosity and creativity by sitting down with them and engaging in fun, hands-on activities that allow everyone to entertain the endless possibilities of play.

We believe that play is a child’s job and that engaging kids in creative play doesn’t have to be overwhelming, time consuming, or messy. That’s why we’ve created activity kits that save you a trip to the store, mental energy to think of an activity, and headaches that come with complicated projects. We make creating and playing with your kiddo fun and simple, while also providing all of the tools you need to get into the KiddoMood.

What If Your Creation Doesn’t Look Like the Photo We Have on the Website?

You truly got the KiddoMood! We encourage that you create whatever your imagination and hands can produce. Like in play, it’s all about having fun and learning something new. The result that truly matters is the life-long memory of creating something together – plus, a toy that’s all yours!

We would love to see your original creations on social media! Make sure to follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram, so we can share in your KiddoMood.


Why Do We KiddoMood?

We are passionate about creating and designing respectful environments for children to explore the world around them and to foster their imaginations. KiddoMood provide beautiful, open-ended, non-toxic, high quality toys that have been chosen especially for their capacity to spark wonder, joy, and curiosity.

We offer the option of purchasing KiddoMood sets as party favors so your guest can continue having fun at home and have a lasting memory of your party. Candy can get eaten by little mouths or ants, but a KiddoMood can’t.

All our products come with instructions to facilitate painting and creating, but the creation and imagination are all yours! And everything about KiddoMood is environmentally friendly.

We look forward to helping you play, create, imagine, and get in the KiddoMood!

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