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Summer sun, and the fun has begun with this fun KiddoMood Summer Craft Fun Collection. Is it too hot to play outside? No worries we have some cool and creative indoor activities that your family will love!

You can paint your own wooden popsicle, then pretend you're selling it on a hot summer day. The best part is, these popsicles won’t melt because they’re made entirely of eco-friendly high quality wood!

Want a doll that’s wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini? You can paint one on your very own, summer-ready, wooden peg doll. Are dolls not your thing? No worries, you can paint a beautiful butterfly or other animals too!

There’s creative fun for everyone to get in the KiddoMood this summer!  

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Popsicles and Butterflies Art kit BOX
  • $149.00
Flat Shapes Art Kit BOX
  • $119.00
Peg Doll Art Kit BOX
  • $69.00
Animal Art Kit Box
  • $89.99