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The Gross Motor Activity Collection has a variety of wooden peg dolls and wooden cut-out figures specifically curated to inspire gross motor activity. Customize your very own dinosaur, then stomp around like you are that dinosaur. Imagine and paint your own superhero, then pretend to be them by running around fighting crime. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Get creative, get moving, and get in the KiddoMood!

38 products found in Gross Motor Activity

Dino Art Kit Bag
  • $19.99
Sea Animals Art Kit Bag
  • $26.99
Unicorn Art Kit
  • $4.99
Plane Art Kit
  • $4.49
Fairy Craft Kit
  • $19.99
Soccer Art Kit
  • $24.99
Crazy Cupcakes Art Kit
  • $4.99
Popsicles and Butterflies Art kit BOX
  • $149.00
Kiddo Puzzle
  • From $19.99
Micky Mouse Art Kit - Minnie Mouse Art Kit
  • $6.99
Track Toys Wooden Blocks
  • $19.99
Let's Go Home!
  • $24.99