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This Adolescents Collection has a variety of wooden figures and peg dolls specially curated with middle school and high school aged students in mind. Want to invite your adolescent to have some imaginative fun customizing a wooden figure to decorate their room? Or maybe they want to make a little wooden peg doll that looks just like their best friend to give them as a gift. The possibilities are endless! And no matter your age, it’s always fun to get in the KiddoMood! 

21 products found in Adolescents

  • $44.99
Princess Art Kit with stickers
  • $6.99
Superhero Art Kit Bag
  • $27.99
  • $19.99
Unicorn Art Kit with stickers
  • $6.99
Halloween Craft Box
  • $39.99
Travel Art Kit on Canvas
  • From $19.99
Mandala Art Kit on Canvas
  • $19.99
Kiddo Puzzle
  • From $19.99
Ice Cream Art Kit
  • $14.99
4th of July Art and Craft Kit
  • From $4.99
Memory Match Game
  • $34.99