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This 6 to 8 Years Collection has a variety of wooden figures and peg dolls specially curated with elementary school aged children in mind. Do you have an aspiring veterinarian, marine biologist, or animal conservationist? We have various wooden animal cut-out figures that they can paint to their taste and imagination! We also have a selection of peg dolls that they can paint to look like their family, a superhero, princess, whatever they can imagine! Get creative, get imaginative, get in the KiddoMood!

43 products found in 6 to 8 years

Ice Cream Art Kit
  • $14.99
Butterfly Art Kit
  • $4.99
  • $34.99
  • $19.99
Dino Art Kit Bag
  • $19.99
Sea Animals Art Kit Bag
  • $26.99
Unicorn Art Kit
  • $4.99
Minions Art Kit with stickers
  • $6.99
St. Patrick's Art Kit
  • $12.99

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Valentines Craft Box
  • $39.99
Soccer Art Kit
  • $24.99
Crazy Cupcakes Art Kit
  • $4.99