Life often puts us in situations that we don’t plan for, ones in which we don’t even imagine ever having to face. And it’s in those moments that we find our true strength. 

We may ask ourselves, “Why me? Why do I have to go through this?”

And my answer was, “Why not me? What do I have to learn from this unexpected situation I find myself in?”

I’m Luciana Rei – Argentinian by birth, a Physician by profession, wife to a wonderful man, and mom to Mia (7 years old) and Noah (3 1/2 months old).

A year ago, I was diagnosed with renal cancer, and it was one of the toughest times of my life. It was not only tough for me, but also for my family. I had a complicated surgery with a very difficult recovery. During weeks of bedrest and doctors’ appointments, I found myself enjoying something that I never had a chance to when I was a doctor – spending quality time with my daughter.

My recovery allowed my daughter, Mia, and I to discover that we love painting and drawing, creating characters and worlds – together. We loved playing with all kinds of toys, talking, going for walks, spending time outside… basically, we found that we enjoy spending time together regardless of what we’re doing!

So, in all this recovery period, Mia asked me, “Mama, doctors spend their entire day studying and saving people’s lives, but when do they spend time with their families? Only when they get sick?”

This question hit me hard, and made me reevaluate a lot of things in my life.

My answer to her was, “Hija, every job requires effort and dedication, but above all, you must work with passion and joy. The key is finding a balance that allows you to find peace in your heart.

What would you say if worked on something that brings us both joy? Something that will let us spend more time together? That we can have as much fun making as we do playing and being creative? And maybe even inspire other people to feel the same way? Want to do something that will make us both feel like kids?!”

That’s how the idea for KiddoMood was born!

Of course, it would’ve been impossible to make our ideas a reality with just desire and imagination. I had to learn about many things from the certifications required for quality, non-toxic products to the way machines cut and shape wood. I also created a team that I thought would help Mia and I make our dream for KiddoMood come true, but it turned out to be a mistake, so I fumbled, got discouraged, but took those experiences, learned from them, and it strengthened our resolve to support creative kids. All of our experiences with KiddoMood served as a lesson that ideas become a reality from hard work and making mistakes, so we keep dreaming and never stop believing in ourselves.

Mia and I wholeheartedly believe that we can touch the lives of others through play and imagination as much as it has touched ours’.

And what better way to completely enjoy imaginative play than by becoming a kid again?

We chose to use natural elements like wood, paints, paint brushes, and imagination to put you in the KiddoMood.

The creativity? That’s what you bring to the KiddoMood experience. You create your own characters (human or animal) that become part of your child’s toy family, and your KiddoMood creations can serve as a reminder of how much fun you had creating a playing together.

Without a doubt, KiddoMood will be a grand adventure that Mia and I would love for you to experience with us! Let’s get in the KiddoMood!