Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a Summer Camp Craft Ideas or for some Craft Fun Activities at home?

Stucked at home trying to keep the kids entertained? With the kids out of school for the summer, they will have extra time to craft.

These Summer Crafts Ideas for Kids are sure to spark some creativity and cure the summer boredom. Best of all, doing crafts with your kids is a great way to get the entire family together and have some fun!

If you’re a mama trying to keep your kiddos entertained while school is out for the summer, then I’m guessing you might be hearing some “I’m bored” cries from those littles of yours. Why is that no matter how many things those kids could be doing, they’re still bored?!! I feel your pain,  and I think I’ve come up with something that’ll bust that boredom…at least for a little while.

This Deluxe Art Box is super duper fun, incredibly affordable, easy and has so many possibilities to keep the kids busy that you might even get 30 minutes or more  of peace and quiet to yourself while they create!


  • Because we save you a trip to the store, mental energy to think of an activity, and headaches that come with complicated projects.
  • Because you will receive everything you will need ready for the kids to enjoy!
  • Because you can customized each wooden piece to their tastes, and comes with enough art materials for up to five kiddos! Just select 12 wooden pieces of your choice, and they will come with 4 paint brushes, 16 water-based paints, and an activity guide to put you in the KiddoMood!  

 What I love most about this Deluxe Art Box is that the kids can use their imaginations to create anything they want! This craft is perfect for creating artwork for their room, for giving as gifts, or for creating cards with. The possibilities are literally endless just by changing the styles, shapes, colors, etc. They could even swap the shapes out for text and spell out their name or a phrase that they like. So neat! 

How About to Create Their Very Own Memory Match Game?

Choose which stickers you want to place on the round wooden chips. Then, flip them over to see the blank side of the chips, and flip them to try to match them! 

Your kiddo can play this game alone or with a friend and family. It will help your kiddo develop spatial memory, and can provide them with hours of fun!

It comes with a handy cloth bag to make the game easy to transport, and it will last a lot longer than the typical cardboard memory card games. We have different styles for boys and girls.

Well, here I have an awesome idea!

How About to Create Your Family Characters?

This Family Art Kit Bag  includes ten wooden peg dolls, six water-based paint colors, two paint brushes, and an activity guide so you can create a family, town people, students for a classroom, or whoever you can imagine! Make these wooden toy dolls part of your toy family.

And if you have at home a superhero fan or a princess fan you have to check this!

The Superhero Art Kit Bag includes everything you need to create a personalized team of superheroes to add to your kiddo’s fantastic collection of wooden toys. The bag includes four wooden peg dolls, stickers, eight water-based paint colors, two paint brushes, and an activity guide. This bag of superheroes is perfect for you and your little hero, or your little hero and a friend, to create memories and use their imaginations.

The Princess Art Kit Bag includes four wooden peg dolls, eight water-based paint colors, two paint brushes, stickers, and an activity guide. This bag of princesses is perfect for you and your little princess, or your little princess and a friend, to use their imaginations to get in the KiddoMood!     

That’s all there is to it! So fun, soooo easy, and hopefully will keep the kids busy for a while!

We make creating and playing with your kiddo fun and simple, while also providing all of the tools you need to get into the KiddoMood!