Meet our new friend Judith!

Say “Hi,” to Judith. She’s a 71 year old retired teacher. She has Alzheimer’s, and she was having mood swings which was totally unlike her. Then, her daughter found KiddoMood. As a physician, and founder of KiddoMood, she consulted with me on which products would be best for her mother. After Judith received her first KiddoMood order, the results have been extraordinary!  

Not only did Judith start smiling after creating with KiddoMood, she discovered her love for painting. Her daughter says Judith is less aggressive, more motivated, and happier overall! She anxiously awaits new KiddoMood Kits to keep creating and working on her motor skills.

Seniors with dementia need engagement and fun, especially if that includes working on their psychomotor skills. Providing them with emotional support and sensorimotor, multi-sensory, and cognitive stimulation is crucial during this time of their lives.

Activities that allow them to explore their creativity without the worry of doing things wrong are ideal because they’re always fun, satisfying, and boost their self-esteem. These engaging activities can also be an alternative to medication because they can reduce agitation, distract from challenging behavior, and increase quality of life for seniors with any type of dementia. 

Harnessing the power of creativity for change gives people an outlet for expression, particularly when verbal expression is no longer the primary way a person can communicate. 

Help your senior create, engage, and enjoy with !