Halloween Crafts Activities

The air is getting cooler and the pumpkin spice is making it’s grand entrance - that’s right - it’s Halloween season! And although fall is all about the PSLs, it’s also the start of Halloween. If you’re a fan of seasonal crafts, you’re going to love the KiddoMood Halloween Art Kits. Keep reading for some Halloween crafts inspired by your favorite spooky characters.

The Ghost

A Halloween classic! Get a white bed sheet, cut two holes for the eyes, and you have a costume. A simple DIY. 

Another fun DIY is customizing your very own ghosty or ghouly. You can decorate your very own wooden peg doll to match your ghost costume! Then play with a mini version of your costumed self. Pretend that you’re a ghost haunting the other peg dolls’ house, and you are scaring the pants off them, or make your own little ghost family. The KiddoMood Halloween Craft Box comes with 7 peg dolls for you to paint and accessorize however you like.

The Vampire

The King or Queen of Darkness, Ruler of the Night. Buy yourself a black cape and some fangs, and transform into a sparkly or non-sparkly vamp. 

Then grab a wooden peg doll from the KiddoMood Halloween Craft Box, and paint a pink cape and green fangs on it. Pink isn’t your color? Go with the classic Dracula look. Your peg doll will have a vampiric charm no matter how you customize it.  

Does your vampire turn into a bat? You can paint one doll as the vampire, and the other as the vampire bat.

Keep your Tiny Dracula as a seasonal decoration. Or your kiddo can create a vampire clan of their very own and pretend they all live in a spooky Vampire Town. The choices are endless when you’re creating, imagining, and playing!

The Zombie

Does your Halloween persona have less of a thirst for blood, and more of an appetite for brains? The zombie is a spooky Halloween character that keeps coming back in style and from the dead. You are a discerning connoisseur of horror, and enjoy the classics, and we applaud that.

But, what if, and bear with me here… what if you make a zombie with purple skin and glitter hair? Not your most traditional idea of a zombie, but that’s the beauty of the KiddoMood Halloween Craft Box. You can make your zombie look like a traditional hungry-for-human-flesh zombie. Or give your zombie some flair, and a passion for fashion with some cool red paints and slicked back black hair. The choice is yours!

You can make a zombie to match your costume, create a family of zombies, or a small herd. The fun is totally up to you!

The Mummy 

“10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!”

That’s what mummies say, right? No? Oh, right. That’s a whole other character. 

But, imagine this: a dusty old mummy is rising from his very own tiny wooden sarcophagus (because your mummy is a KiddoMood wooden peg doll), and instead of being a dusty brown, it has blue bandages because it’s the mummy of an alien. 

What do you think? Ok. Maybe it’s not for you. 

But, that’s what’s so awesome about KiddoMood. You can choose how your mummy will look and what species it is. You can use the water-based paints and accessories to decorate your mummy however your imagination conjures!

The Jack-O-Lantern

What’s more spooky than a candle flickering a creepy face carved into a hollow pumpkin? 

Maybe a lot of things, but KiddoMood has a safer alternative to this traditional Halloween craft. 

Say bye-bye to those sharp objects used to carve a pumpkin. Say hello to the Pumpkin Craft Kit. Use water-based paints and stickers to create a silly, scary, or pretty jack-o-lantern of your very own! 

This one makes a great seasonal decoration or gift for a fan of the season!   

Your Own Original Creation

Want to create a small one-eyed, one- horned, flyin’, purple people eater? Or a spooky scary skeleton that will send shivers down your spine? You absolutely can.

You can create whatever character you can imagine. A ghost skeleton, a zombie witch, or a cute princess - the choice is completely yours.

Whether you’re having a small Halloween get-together, and want to do a fun activity. Or you want to give a family some Halloween crafting fun, instead of sugary treats, the KiddoMood Halloween Craft Box and the Pumpkin Craft Kit are sure to thrill, delight, and perhaps even frighten.  OoOoOoO...