Easter Fun: Creative Easter Egg Alternative

Easter typically includes plastic eggs filled with sugary treats and pastel-colored things. But it doesn’t have to be that way every year. KiddoMood has an excellent eco-friendly and creative easter egg alternative that won’t cause a sugar rush, and can be whatever color you choose.

Our Wooden Easter Egg Box comes with everything you need to customize your very own wooden eggs for some Easter fun with a creative Easter egg alternative! 

Here are some ideas for playing and imagining with your KiddoMood Wooden Easter Egg Box.

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    On Easter, hide the wooden eggs, and let the children find them. This way, they get the traditional Easter egg hunt experience. But then, your kiddos will be thrilled when you tell them they get to customize their eggs any way they like! 

  • Imagine

  • Engage your kiddos’ creative side by asking them to imagine a character for their wooden Easter egg. Will their egg be their Uncle Roger? Their teacher? A superhero? A silly monster? A princess? Grandma Harriette? A stinky rotten egg? Or will their eggs be egg-versions of themselves? The characters their eggs take on will be limited only by the scope of their imaginations. 

  • Decorate

  • Your kiddos can paint their eggs whatever color, or colors, they choose! Then, they can use an assortment of different craft items (the craft items in each box may vary, but can include items such as, buttons, googly eyes, and foam stickers) to complete the look of their egg character. Will they make Grandma Harriette with orange hair, three eyes, and a superhero cape? Not only will your kiddos love exercising their sensory-motor skills and imaginations. But you can all have fun finding out what, or who, they create while making fun Easter memories that can last a lifetime! 

  • Play

    The fun doesn’t have to stop after you and your kiddos decorate your eggs. You can play with your egg characters. Will the superhero egg have to save Uncle Roger from the stinky rotten egg who kidnapped him? Or will the egg teacher explain the silly egg monster why we celebrate Easter? Again, only your imaginations can determine the potential of your new little egg friends. 

  • Add Your Egg Characters to Your Toy Family

  • Unlike traditional plastic and hard boiled eggs that you throw away soon after Easter passes, you can keep your Wooden Easter Egg way after Easter. Your kiddo can make their egg character part of their toy family!   

    Create lasting Easter memories with a creative Easter egg alternative that will be sure to stimulate your kiddos’ imaginations! And, no matter how you spend your Easter, we wish you a very happy KiddoMood Easter!