Thanksgiving is a time when we get together with our family to spend time with each other, and share what we are grateful for while we dine on a glorious plate of turkey with all the fixings.


You know what the usual family gathering setup is like: all of the adults sit together in one table, and all of the kids sit together in another table. And adults and kids alike are either buried in their electronic devices, or they steal glances at them when there’s a lull in the conversation.

Why not change that? Why not forget our electronic devices for a few minutes? And opt, instead, to have some good old-fashioned fun with simple, creative activities that will help everyone bond and create memories that can last a lifetime.

KiddoMood has the perfect eco-friendly, technology-free, creative activities for your family this Thanksgiving. Our wooden figures and water-based paint kits will be a hit with the kids, and even the adults! Because what’s better for some old-fashioned family bonding than getting in the KiddoMood?

Here are some ideas for fun ways you can use our kits to get the good times going.

Creative Family Fun with the KiddoMood Family Art Kit Bag

Imagine the laughs you’ll get from creating small wooden replicas of each of your family members, and even a little wooden turkey that they have to find because it keeps hiding somewhere in the house. The KiddoMood Family Art Kit Bagincludes ten wooden peg dolls of various sizes, six water-based paint colors, two paint brushes, and an activity guide to help get those creative juices flowing.

Here’s another idea. Each person can create a character, and then everyone can come together and play as an imaginary townsperson. A turkey lawyer, a baby mayor, a zombie librarian – the possibilities are endless with the KiddoMood Family Art Kit Bag!

Creative Thanksgiving Bonding with the KiddoMood Animal Workshop Art Kit

Do you think your family would enjoy customizing animals?

Want to make a purple koala? Sure!

A green giraffe? Why not?

Or do you prefer dinosaurs?

Would Uncle Bob get a kick out of painting a polka-dotted T-Rex? Oh, Uncle Bob.

Is Little Cindy always daydreaming about having a pink triceratops as a pet? She can totally make herself a little wooden pink triceratops to take home with her and keep as a hassle-free pet. Little Cindy’s mom and dad will love the new low-maintenance addition to their family!

Would everyone prefer painting their own unicorns? Stars and Moons? How about cars and planes?

We have all of these options for you and your family to enjoy! The possibilities for creating are limited only by the imagination.

Might we suggest that you get the best bang for your family buck with our Animal Workshop Art Kit?It comes with 20 wooden animals, 20 brushes, 40 water-based paint colors, and 20 activity guides. With this kit, you’ll even have enough for Aunt Beatrice to paint her very own striped horse (which we all know is a zebra, but she insists it’s a horse with stripes. Ok, Aunt Beatrice. Ok. *wink*wink*).

Christmas at Thanksgiving?

After Thanksgiving comes Christmas, so why not start preparing for it by customizing your own Christmas decorations?

Our KiddoMood Christmas Craft Kitsare sure to be a big hit with the Santa-loving kids, and the angel-loving adults in your family!

Do you have other ideas for how to use a KiddoMood Art Kit on Thanksgiving? Let us know by tagging us on Instagramor Facebook.

However you spend your Thanksgiving, we at KiddoMood, wish you a very happy and creative Thanksgiving!