7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day at Home

Stuck at home for Mother's Day? No worries! Let your family know loud and clear how the pamper you....

Don't let social distancing get you down this Mother's Day! There are plenty of ways your family can make you feel the queen that you are. 

Here are seven ways your family can show you that you are the best mom ever. Let the indulgence begin...

1- Be a Mom for a Day

Make a list of ALL the task you accomplish every day and give it to your family. Watch their jaws drop when they realize how much you do! Let them divide the tasks and kick back while they get everything done.

Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - help them in any way. Don't even chop vegetables for lunch! You deserve the break and they'll appreciate how much you do every day when they fall into bed exhausted that night.

2- Make your breakfast

Hint very loudly that this should NOT happen before 8am. Once you've had your well-deserved sleep-in, your family can present you with your tray of steaming coffee and yummy goodies. Be prepared to share your treats and be showered with hugs.

3- Give you a Manicure o Massage 

Ask your kids to set up a "home spa" complete with a menu of indulgent treatments. Decided on a manicure? Pedicure? Massage? Everything? Kick it off with a moisturizing foot massage!

4- Prepare a Outdoor - Indoor Picnic

Even small children can help set up a picnic blanket and prepare a plate of tasty morsels to be share. Some fruits, cookies.  Take a family photos during your picnic and have the best one framed!

5- Make a Special Gift

Nothing warms a mama's heart more than a card or artwork made by her children. Ask your partner to help them to decorate and frame their masterpieces so you can display them proudly in your home. KiddoMood has the perfect solution in a box! Check our Mother's Day Art Box.

6- Run a Relaxing Bath

Let your little ones set up a peaceful haven in your bathroom complete with a warm bath, candles and your favorite book. Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

7- Let's  Create Some Good Memories 

Enjoy with all the family some quality time. Create your own game and play together! Check our DIY Games and have a KiddoMood Mother's Day!