4 Creative Summer Activities

It’s that time of year again. School’s out for summer, and the kids are going to be home - all summer long. You know they are going to need ways to stay entertained, especially on those days when everyone is stuck inside because it’s just too hot to be outside. What ever will you keep those busy hands from buzzing right into your pantry and making snow angels from flour all over your freshly cleaned floor? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

KiddoMood has four creative summer activities that will keep your little bees busy and entertained:

Popsicles Art Kit Box:

We all know there’s nothing better than a popsicle on a hot day. But how about a popsicle that you can customize to look however you want and it never melts, so you can play with it over and over again? *scoff* That’s just too good to be true. Well, I have some news for you. With the KiddoMood Popsicles Art Kit Box, you can paint your very own popsicle with your favorite colors, then keep it to play with for years to come. Or you could take turns being an ice cream seller, and creating the perfect popsicle for your picky customer. The possibilities of this wooden popsicle decorating art kit are limited only by your imagination.

Butterflies Art Kit Box:

We know that busy little bees buzz around, but what about butterflies? What about butterflies that look like bees? Or bees that look like butterflies? *say what?* You can make these mixed up black and yellow buggies, or you can make a beautiful rainbow-colored butterfly. It’s totally up to you! With these KiddoMood Butterflies Art Kit Box, you can paint your very own wooden butterfly, butterbee, or bee-fly - whatever kind of butterfly-shaped creepy crawly, or majestic fluttery bug, you can imagine can be yours, all in this one little kit.

Peg Doll Art Kit Box:

We all want a doll that’s wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, right? No? Only me? Well… you can paint a wooden peg doll of your very own with a summer-ready look of your choosing with the KiddoMood Peg Doll Art Kit Box. Want to paint a doll to look like your silly Uncle Fred with his big summer hat and huge glob of white sunblock all over his nose? No? Well, then go ahead paint your very own peg doll to look however you like, and treasure it for years to come. Now, excuse me while I go hug Itsy to bitsies. 

Animal Art Box:

Want to go on a day trip through the African savannah, but you’re stuck inside because you blew all your money on those self-help books that you’ll never read, but you promised yourself you would because you’re stuck inside anyway so there’s nothing better to do, but then you remembered that you have kids, so there’s no time to read anyway, so you just sit there, not knowing what to do? Yeah? Oh, finally, I guessed one! Well, spend some money on something both you and your kids will definitely enjoy - a KiddoMood Animal Art Box. Your kids want to paint the lion pink, the giraffe green, and the hippo yellow? Let them go to town, while you sit and read that self-help book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months. You’re welcome. ;)

Congratulations! Now you are well equipped with some ideas for creative activities to do with your kids this summer. Go on, get yourself a kit, or two, or ten, and get in the KiddoMood!