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The Fine Motor Activity Collection is specifically curated with the idea of improving fine motor skills while exercising the imagination. There’s nothing like working with a paintbrush, or placing stickers in just the right place, for working on those fine motor skills. It’s an added bonus that while you’re fine tuning your skills, you’re also customizing your very own household decoration or toy!

Work on those fine motor skills and get in the KiddoMood!

38 products found in Fine Motor Activity

Micky Mouse Art Kit - Minnie Mouse Art Kit
  • $6.99
4th of July Art and Craft Kit
  • From $4.99
Track Toys Wooden Blocks
  • $19.99
Double Sided Matching Game
  • $24.99
Let's Go Home!
  • $24.99
DIY Memory Match Game
  • $19.99
Wooden Dollhouse and Family Art Kit
  • From $14.99


Peg Doll Art Kit Paint
  • $4.49
  • $3.99
Superhero Art Kit with Stickers
  • $6.99
Angel Art Kit
  • $5.99
Peg Doll Art Kit BOX
  • $69.00
Animal Art Kit Box
  • $89.99