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The Classroom Craft Ideas Collection has a variety of wooden cut outs and wooden peg dolls that would make creative additions to any lesson! Are you learning about sea creatures? Fruits? Families? Dinosaurs? We have kits that fit with these themes, and more! Look through our selection and help your students get in the KiddoMood!

27 products found in Classroom Craft Ideas

Sea Animals Art Kit Bag
  • $26.99
Unicorn Art Kit
  • $4.99
St. Patrick's Art Kit
  • $12.99
Valentines Craft Box
  • $39.99
Crazy Cupcakes Art Kit
  • $4.99
Popsicles and Butterflies Art kit BOX
  • $149.00
Kiddo Puzzle
  • From $19.99
Flat Shapes Art Kit BOX
  • $119.00
Dollhouse Art Kit Family
  • From $21.99


Peg Doll Art Kit Paint
  • $4.49
  • $3.99
Superhero Art Kit with Stickers
  • $6.99
Angel Art Kit
  • $5.99